How to Fix Red Dots on Samsung Plasma TV

I got my Samsung 50″ plasma HD TV a few months ago and I started to see red dots all over the screen. I looked around and found several remedies for this including one where you take apart the back of the television and turn down a knob inside the television. But before you start taking apart your TV, check to see if you model requires a firmware update from Samsung.
Don’t worry, this isn’t difficult.
Firmware is a piece of program that your TV uses to internally control all of the little devices inside your TV.

First, take a look at the back of your TV to find out your TV’s model and serial number.

My Samsung TV’s model number is PN50C450B1DXZA. I had to remove the serial number from the photo above for security sake.

Next, go to Samsung’s support website at and select your model number and enter serial number to check.

Follow the instructions on downloading the firmware. You’ll need a USB memory drive to download the firmware because you’ll take this memory drive and stick it into your TV.

I did this and now no more dots!

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